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Hello, dear reader,

Well… lately, I am often asked, if I still breed Corgis. The answer is “yes” :)

I did not get to write new blog posts for a long time. Now, I am willing to change it! Let me tell you about Lanita’s “A” litter first.

It was very exciting. I could not help waiting for the belly of my girl to grow and finding out she really has someone in it.

As it was clear, that Lanita is indeed pregnant, me and a friend of mine began to prepare everything for the puppies. With a joyful anticipation and under Lanita’s control :) we built a litter box for the puppies and their mother to have a secure and cozy space.

It was almost the planned birthdate as the situation took a sudden turn: the placenta of one of the puppies was damaged and Lanita had to have a surgery. Some breeders recommended waiting to prevent the surgery and let the dog give birth herself, but it would put the one puppy in danger. It is a tough call, and a decision must be made quickly in a situation like this. We chose to save the puppies life. After all, to create life was our ultimate goal as we started breeding.

The surgery went smoothly. The dog had enough milk and it was a relieve for me to discover that she accepted all the puppies without hesitation! Sill, there were a lot of unanswered questions, doubt and fear. Are all the puppies healthy? Is everyone getting enough milk? Is the temperature in the room right? Would Lanita fully recover after the surgery? The little ones were weighted 2 times a day. They were turned over every so often to prevent them from laying on the same side or belly all the time, as it may lead to bone deformation. We payed attention, that the smallest ones get the better tit when they drink and made sure the puppies do not hurt Lanita with their claws. It was a difficult time for Lanita as well, of course. I made sure she is properly fed and gets enough rest. No guests were allowed, to not disturb the dogs. It was also important that no diseases are brought to the house as it would be dangerous for the puppies. The little ones got bigger. They were healthy, full of energy and gained weight according to my daily journal. After a couple of weeks, mother’s milk was not enough any more and the little Corgis began to receive extra food. They were getting strong and more mobile every day. It was a lot of work for us!

Honestly, I have great respect of the breeders, that have multiple litters every year. It has not only to do with keeping everyone clean, feeding, cutting the claws etc., but also with socializing. I still remember one of my clients writing me: “I never thought such a small thing can be so much work and produce so many “sausages”!” And I thought: “Imagine how it would be with 6 of them!” :)

Another topic I wanted to talk about is: The puppy requests.

To be honest, I was not prepared for such an enormous number of requests. I was blown away with all the emails and phone calls. Unfortunately, I was not even able to answer all of them. I have a job and a family to take care of, so it was impossible for me to react upon every single request in a timely fashion. I am sorry if I missed someone. I hope you understand my situation.