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We've got Puppies!

Six little Corgi puppies were born on the 9th of march.
There is 3 of everything:
3 girls, 3 boys, 3 bobtails, 3 tricolors, 3 orange ones :)
The puppies and the mother are perfectly healthy and full of energy.

We will upload a photo album as soon as possible.

At last, the long awaited family member to be was prepared to travel to her new home. As our little “Milady Lanita Sambatus” lived 2000 km away, we have decided that she would need to be accompanied by my husband during the long journey.

Me and my daughter were eagerly waiting for their arrival.

After a seemingly endless waiting, Lanita was home! It did not take too long for her to get comfortable at the new place and she took quickly an important place in the “Pride” and our hearts.

She became more beautiful and interesting with time. Her strong character was soon to be revealed as she tried to have things her way multiple times. It was a real pleasure watching her grow in body and spirit. She was very active, smart and playful, ready for any adventures prepared for her - a real Corgi by the book :)

Lanita’s beauty and intellect made me wonder, that it would be just too egoistic for us not to share these extraordinary properties with others. I thought: “What if my little beauty became a mother?”

First of all, it was important to receive some professional advice on the matter. So, we took part in a couple of dog exhibitions. I was even more proud of her as she received best grades and a number of awards right away.

Now it was clear: She must be registered for breeding!

How it all started

It was summer 2013. We were almost ready repairing our newly bought house. After so much time and effort invested into the house I could not even think of purchasing any kind of animal as it would most certainly ruin all the hard work.

But later, as the whole hassle with the house was forgotten, I asked the family just for fun: „If we would want to take a dog what breed would it be? “ My husband suggested a Welsh Corgi Pembroke. Well …at first I said: „No way! Not in a hundred years! “ I could not imagine such a strange dog with a long body, short legs and huge ears as a family member!

But I got curious and a couple of days later, I made some inquiries about the breed. I was surprised to discover that they were, in fact, sheep dogs… with those short legs!? It was also said, that the dogs are very human centered, brainy and active. Corgis would have rather conservative needs for space. Their intelligence makes them very commanding, so it is important that they are taught how to behave and to know their limits...

Having all this information, it was clear – our dog must be a Corgi! I was totally ashamed of myself having thought so badly about the breed before.

The great search for a puppy began. We were disappointed about the fact, that there were very few Welsh Corgi Pembroke breeders in Germany. We knew exactly how our dog should look like, which made the search even more difficult. A lot of different dogs were looked at. We found one male dog from Netherlands which seemed to be particularly interesting and contacted his breeder. The man helped us to find the perfect dog :) and eventually became a friend of the family.

Today, we are proud to declare our WEB Site project as officially started. We hope you will enjoy staying here.

In our Blog, we plan to provide news about breeding, talk about exhibitions and tell you interesting stuff about Welsh Corgi Pembrokes.

Different informative and funny Photos and Videos can be found in the corresponding section of the site.

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